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Be the talk this Halloween!

Rising from the Grave to serve your Spooky Needs since 2017. Summoned between Saint Paul and Maplewood of Good Ole Fashioned Minnesota. Abstract SFX is active during ALL seasons, but our specialty lies from September-October. Whether it be Haunted Attraction Makeup, Halloween Parties, or other Spooky Events. We will be there to make you the absolute Best Spooky Version of yourself. Experienced SFX Artist from Valley Scare, Scream Town, and O'Neil Creek Haunted Forests.

Have questions? Summon Spooky our Spirited Support!
Email: spookysfx.questions@gmail.com

Makeup and Photography By: Jade Syros (Owner of Abstract SFX)
Modeling and Editing By: Legacy FX

SFX Artist: Jade Syros
Email: abstractsfx.studios@gmail.com

Merchandise Design: Jade Syros and Scott Martin


If you'd like to be part of the behind the scenes of the magic and talent that goes into the promotion. You can contact abstractsfx.studios@gmail.com

Event Hiring

Event Services (Paid for Event, Book for up to 2 hours) - Makeup Kit Provided by Abstract SFX Studios - Birthday Parties - Halloween Parties Face Painting: $40 Travel Cost: $10 per 5 Miles Traveled

SFX Sitdown

Open every Friday from September 22nd to October 27th you can travel to my residence to receive an 1 1/2 appointment for SFX makeup, starting with a $30 deposit. Discussion will occur before appointment and extra fees may occur depending on difficulty of face you're trying to summon. Prosthetic Creation: + $20 Silicon Use: + $10


Welcome Spookies, 

To 2024! We're so excited to be releasing our second season collection of designs! Starting of with January we have Crimson Hour Season 2! It's time to reVAMP your closet with some our amazing designs created by our talented artists! As always, thank you for your support, and stay spooky this year! 


Today we will be rebooting our show and we are so excited to be expanding our cast of characters. Join us for the hour to see if we will survive. Slaughter Films is a personal take on analyzing horror movies and calculating our survival plan. Best part? You decide whether we live or die. 


I can't believe we've done it! Abstract SFX Studios has been approved to participate in the craft fair in the amazing land of Hidden MN. A place of escape rooms, ax throwing, as well as monthly craft fairs for their Minnesota artists. If you're interested in visiting us you can on October 21-22 from 12:00-5:00pm. Support our business by either checking us out, or purchasing one of our craft fair items. We promise to uphold the highest quality of our work, and our love for Halloween. 


I can't believe how much we've already accomplished as a small company. As of this week we've already released our Killer Accessories, Horror Freak Edition 1, available for purchase in our store. As of October 21-22 we will be haunting Hidden MN's Goth/Halloween Night Market. Next week we will be releasing Edition 2: Vampire. We have many plans and many spooky fun things to bring you. I hope to all of my Baby Bats out there, that you find something of your tastes. 

  • Creature Creations

  • Custom Designs

  • Alexys's Work

  • Scott's Sketch

Scott Martin

Merchandise Designer and Support Team

Having been born on All Hallows Eve, I have always had a love for Halloween and that time of year. Due to this, I focus my creative efforts on themed merchandise. Be it T-shirt designs, patterns for items universally in place both at home and work and also a passion for writing fictitious lore/backstories, I work with Syros to better people's experiences and ensure their readiness for spooky times! For any inquires, feel free to email me at spookysfx.questions@gmail.com

Circle of Apparel

Outsourced Merchandise Department

Create Custom Tees in minutes! Collaborator of Abstract SFX since 2021!

Hidden MN (Roseville)


Hidden MN is a games and event space in Roseville, MN. We have original escape rooms, axe throwing, an event space with seasonal, public events, and event space rental available. We also have a snack and drink bar, plus take home puzzle games for purchase. Great activities for small groups of friends, families, and co-workers. COVID 19: All bookings are private. We have safety regulations in place to make your experience safe and enjoyable. We have also extended the time between bookings to allow for proper ventilation and sanitation.

Secondhand Hounds - Animal Rescue

Partners - 26,000 lives saved since 2009

"Our Mission, we rescue animals. We Commit to our animals through adoption, rehabilitation, and hospice care. We inspire change."

Bambi Khan

Tattoo Artist, Publisher, Artist

Newest Artist Collaborator for 2024! Welcome to the Team!

  • Saint Paul, MN, United States

If you have any questions or curiosities about Abstract SFX Studios services, feel free to leave an email regarding your concerns. If you have any questions regarding merchandise or shipping contact Spooky. Emails will be responded to within 1-2 business days.