Rising from the Grave to serve your Spooky Needs since 2017. Summoned between Saint Paul and Maplewood of Good Ole Fashioned Minnesota. Abstract SFX is active during ALL seasons, but our specialty lies from September-October. Whether it be Haunted Attraction Makeup, Halloween Parties, or other Spooky Events. We will be there to make you the absolute Best Spooky Version of yourself. Experienced SFX Artist from Valley Scare, Scream Town, and O'Neil Creek Haunted Forests.

Have questions? Summon Spooky our Spirited Support!
Email: spookysfx.questions@gmail.com

Makeup and Photography By: Jade Syros (Owner of Abstract SFX)
Modeling and Editing By: Legacy FX

SFX Artist: Jade Syros
Email: abstractsfx.studios@gmail.com

Merchandise Design: Jade Syros and Scott Martin