Scott Martin

Merchandise Designer and Support Team

Having been born on All Hallows Eve, I have always had a love for Halloween and that time of year. Due to this, I focus my creative efforts on themed merchandise. Be it T-shirt designs, patterns for items universally in place both at home and work and also a passion for writing fictitious lore/backstories, I work with Syros to better people's experiences and ensure their readiness for spooky times! For any inquires, feel free to email me at

Circle of Apparel

Outsourced Merchandise Department

Create Custom Tees in minutes! Collaborator of Abstract SFX since 2021!

Hidden MN (Roseville)


Hidden MN is a games and event space in Roseville, MN. We have original escape rooms, axe throwing, an event space with seasonal, public events, and event space rental available. We also have a snack and drink bar, plus take home puzzle games for purchase. Great activities for small groups of friends, families, and co-workers. COVID 19: All bookings are private. We have safety regulations in place to make your experience safe and enjoyable. We have also extended the time between bookings to allow for proper ventilation and sanitation.

Secondhand Hounds - Animal Rescue

Partners - 26,000 lives saved since 2009

"Our Mission, we rescue animals. We Commit to our animals through adoption, rehabilitation, and hospice care. We inspire change."

Bambi Khan

Tattoo Artist, Publisher, Artist

Newest Artist Collaborator for 2024! Welcome to the Team!