Welcome Spookies, 

To 2024! We're so excited to be releasing our second season collection of designs! Starting of with January we have Crimson Hour Season 2! It's time to reVAMP your closet with some our amazing designs created by our talented artists! As always, thank you for your support, and stay spooky this year! 


Today we will be rebooting our show and we are so excited to be expanding our cast of characters. Join us for the hour to see if we will survive. Slaughter Films is a personal take on analyzing horror movies and calculating our survival plan. Best part? You decide whether we live or die. 


I can't believe we've done it! Abstract SFX Studios has been approved to participate in the craft fair in the amazing land of Hidden MN. A place of escape rooms, ax throwing, as well as monthly craft fairs for their Minnesota artists. If you're interested in visiting us you can on October 21-22 from 12:00-5:00pm. Support our business by either checking us out, or purchasing one of our craft fair items. We promise to uphold the highest quality of our work, and our love for Halloween. 


I can't believe how much we've already accomplished as a small company. As of this week we've already released our Killer Accessories, Horror Freak Edition 1, available for purchase in our store. As of October 21-22 we will be haunting Hidden MN's Goth/Halloween Night Market. Next week we will be releasing Edition 2: Vampire. We have many plans and many spooky fun things to bring you. I hope to all of my Baby Bats out there, that you find something of your tastes.